Have you ever seen a Nymph?
Her beauty is the most catching of the world, the wind caressing her hair, her movements, flow like the water of a stream…
On the other side, we have the Faun, one of the most curious creatures, lazy but charming, rough but handsome.
On this performance we will experiment a mix between music, dance and emotions in which the audience will take part.
Join us in our creation, a moment for us, to flow through all the environment of the ancient Greece reinterpreted with two dancers and a group of acting musicians.

Sound of Syrinx is een optreden van de studenten van het koninklijk conservatorium Antwerpen dat in coStA doorgaat.

Studenten zijn: Oihana Gimenze en Santi Luruena


afbeelding a-kaart afbeelding moeilijkheisgraagd
  • coStA
  • Sint-Andriesplaats 24
  • 2000 Antwerpen


aanvang 20 uur